What is the reason behind that most of the international patients prefer IVF in Delhi instead of their own countries?

Today morning there was a seminar which was held in one of the IVF hospitals in Delhi and in that seminar people from across the globe was sitting and listening that why people from well-developed countries like the US, the UK, and the Australia and much more prefer IVF in Delhi instead of IVF in their own countries.

IVf Hospital in Delhi

From the group of people, one person spoke about the factors which they found very attractive at IVF Hospital in Delhi and not happy with those in their own countries. The following are the factors:

  1. a) Services offered: The services which the fertility experts at IVF Hospital in Delhi offer to their patients are the world-class services with the same kind of infrastructure and technologies which the developed countries offered but here in Delhi we will get these services at very reasonable cost for which we need to pay a huge amount of money in our own countries. Also the representatives at the IVF Hospital in Delhi arrange the services like travel visa for the treatment, food, accommodation, pre and post consultation with best and top fertility Expert in Delhi, best counselors, package which suits the pocket of the couples, high success rate etc. for us which attracts our attention to have the IVF in Delhi because in our own country we need to pay extra money to avail all these services at one place.
  2. b) Waiting time: The waiting time for the visitors at IVF Hospital in Delhi is very less as compared to the waiting time in our own countries. We have to stand in a long queue and need to wait for our turn to come. When we meet the fertility expert and they told us that in our case we need to have the egg donor because the eggs produced by my wife was of bad quality for which we need go for the egg donor program and we were totally exhausted by standing in long queue and have no patience left to stand again, however, when we visit the IVF Hospital in Delhi the queue was not that long and also the hospital have the large database of the Indian, Caucasian and African egg donors. The fertility expert allows us to choose the egg donor of our choice and once we confirmed the egg donor they will begin our IVF in Delhi.
  3. c) Success Rate: The success rate of the IVF Hospital in Delhi which we found was around 65 to75% which is quite high as compared to the success rates of the other IVF hospitals in developed countries. Also, the fertility experts of this hospital are very capable that they make the pregnancy possible in those cases where the couple has no hope was left and we had seen those couples who were cherishing their parenthood with their own baby at IVF Hospital in Delhi.
  4. d) Hospital Location: We found that the IVF Hospital in Delhi is easily accessible from all the corners of the world and the reason behind for easily accessible location is that people will not suffer and they will get the location of their hospital nearby their accommodation so that they can avail the 24*7 medical facilities whenever they required.
  5. e) The environment of the IVF Hospital: The time when we entered the IVF Hospital in Delhi we feel the positive energy around us and the fertility experts are treating each individual in a very polite manner which gave us a hope that this IVF Hospital in Delhi will also fulfil our dream of having an own baby. The time when we met the IVF expert they were explaining us the IVF in Delhi procedure in a very professional way which makes us not to think twice to have an IVF in this hospital only. The staff member of this hospital also very caring and supportive they help us throughout our journey at IVF Hospital in Delhi.

All the above factors which not only influence us but many international patients and this is the reason that we don’t wish to have the IVF in our countries because not only these factors but also the cost of the IVF in Delhi which is very reasonable that no one can imagine and this is around USD 5500 including all other expenses whereas when we plan the IVF in our country the fertility expert told us that we need to pay USD 25,000 excluding the other expenses and that was out of our reach. We can’t afford such an expensive treatment but when we visit the IVF Hospital in Delhi and got to know about the procedure and the cost we didn’t give any second thought and we were ready for the procedure.


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