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IVF Hospital in Delhi – Which is best known to fulfill the dreams of infertile couples

IVF Hospital in Delhi which treats the all kind of infertility issues under one roof. Nowadays the infertility is the very common cause and 5 out 6 people are affected by the cause of infertility. These couples are not aware that why they are not able to conceive naturally after having an unprotected regular intercourse. The time when they got to know that they are affected by the cause of infertility then they shattered into the piece and not able to accept the truth that they will not conceive naturally. For this couple, the IVF Hospital in Delhi is a ray of hope which fulfills their dream of having their own baby by using their advanced and latest procedures in the field of the fertility management.


IVF Hospital In Delhi


IVF in Delhi is a simple procedure in which the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the women ovaries and mix them with the sperm of her husband to facilitate fertilization and when the fertilization occurs the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the women to establish the successful pregnancy.

The fertility expert at IVF Hospital in Delhi only offers the treatment when they properly examine the couple for the cause that is stopping them to get pregnant. Once they find out the exact cause they will accordingly offer the best IVF in Delhi which will fulfil their dream of having an own baby.

IVF Hospital in Delhi have the well-qualified and trained professionals who will treat all types of infertility issues and give the best solution to all with highest success rates of the pregnancies. This is the hospital where happiness is born in every second. The main aim of the IVF Hospital in Delhi is to offer the best treatment to all childless couples and also wish to increase the chances of the successful pregnancies so that each couple on this planet will enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The use of state-of-art at IVF Hospital in Delhi has made it possible and this hospital delivers the best quality of disposable and culture media which are imported from the other developed countries to provide the best output of the procedure.

Till date, the success rate of the IVF Hospital in Delhi is around 70 to 80% which is quite significantly higher than international benchmarks.

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Get your infertility treated by the best IVF Expert in Delhi at reasonable cost

This is the great opportunity for you to get your infertility treated by the best IVF Expert in Delhi and that too at very reasonable IVF Cost in Delhi which is around USD 5,500 including all other expenses whereas you need to pay around USD 20,000 in other well-developed countries for the same treatment and they do not include the other expenses in your IVF cost.



Ivf Expert in Delhi


The reason behind that the IVF Expert in Delhi offers the low- IVF Cost in Delhi is to allow each individual will enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and the cost of the treatment will never stop them. In case you are the one you had tried other assisted methods but all failed to give you the desired results then it’s a time to meet the IVF Expert in Delhi who will help you in conceiving your own baby by using their latest and advanced procedure in the field of fertility management. The IVF Expert in Delhi is the professional who will examine you properly and also review your medical history before they proceed and after the proper examination, they will suggest that which IVF treatment will give you the desired results.

They also review your medical reports that only IVF alone is able to give you the successful results or you need the advanced diagnosed with the advanced procedure such as IVF with PGD or IVF with FET accordingly they suggest you the treatment and will also explain you the IVF Cost in Delhi for the procedures.

What does the estimated IVF Cost in Delhi?

The basis estimated IVF Cost in Delhi is around USD 5,500 including all other expenses and if you wish to have advanced procedures of IVF treatment than the IVF Cost in Delhi for IVF with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) is around USD 7,000 including all your pre-existing expenses or you wish to go with IVF with PGD than your IVF Cost in Delhi is around USD 10,000 including your pre-existing expenses. However, if you compared the cost of IVF in Delhi with any other developed countries than you will find a huge difference in costs because Delhi is a place where fertility experts are not making the profit out of the couple’s pocket who already struggling from the financial crisis. They offer them the reasonable IVF treatment so that they will also find a reason to smile and enjoy their life.

Success Rate of IVF Expert in Delhi

The success rates of the IVF Expert in Delhi for taking the baby home is around 70 to 80% of the women under the age of 35 years and 40 to 50% of the women over the age of 40 years which is again quite high as compared to the success rates of the other developed countries and this is the reason that people from other developed countries love to visit Delhi for their IVF because here they just not enjoy the low- IVF Cost in Delhi but also have the chances of successful pregnancies.

Vision of the IVF Expert in Delhi

The aim of the IVF Expert in Delhi to offer the stress-free fertility treatment to all infertile couples with proper medical and personal care so that they will concentrate on their treatment and achieve their dream of success.

Mission of the IVF Expert in Delhi

The mission of the IVF Expert in Delhi to offer the best environment during the treatment which fosters them and they leave from the clinic with happiness in their heart and baby on their lap.

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IVF Clinic in Delhi – The clinic that offers best IVF Treatment for all infertile couples

What are the reasons that most of the international patients visit IVF Clinic in Delhi instead of the IVF clinics in their own countries?

The day before yesterday, the conference was held in Delhi where the fertility experts across the globe gathered there and were discussing the reasons that why people from other developed countries visiting the IVF Clinic in Delhi when they have the IVF clinics in their own countries. The one speaker from the group shows the reviews of the couples that why they love the IVF Clinic in Delhi.

The reviews from the couples side was that in their country when they meet the fertility expert and discuss their case with them and also told them that they are struggling from last 12 months to conceive their own baby but it couldn’t happen naturally and they decide to go for the IVF treatment, then their fertility expert said that you both are facing the issues of infertility which can be treated but the IVF treatment will cost you somewhere around USD 30,000. The couple decided to go because they need their own baby to complete their family and also want to reduce the pressure which they are getting from their family.

One day they met their friend who recently had an IVF Treatment Delhi and achieve the highest success rate and that too at very reasonable cost. When that couple asks their friend that how much the IVF Clinic in Delhi charge you for your IVF treatment, their friend told them the cost of the IVF treatment was around USD 15,000 which includes their stay in Delhi, travel expenses and all other expenses related to their IVF Treatment Delhi. The couple was thinking that they can save their lot of money if they visit the IVF Clinic in Delhi because in their own country the cost of the IVF treatment was USD 30,000 which does not include other charges and if they visit IVF Clinic in Delhi they can save their lot of money which they can use when they need a second baby.

After that they did lot of research on the IVF Clinic in Delhi and they found that this clinic is the one of the best and leading clinics in Delhi for the IVF treatment and the doctors and other professionals are highly qualified and experienced fertility experts who deal with complex as well as rare cases of infertility and achieve the highest success rates of the pregnancy.

The couple visits the IVF Clinic in Delhi and the time they enter in the clinic they found the positive energy in the atmosphere and also saw that the fertility expert of this clinic properly attending each couple and suggesting them the best IVF Treatment Delhi which will fulfill the dream of every childless couple.

They met the fertility expert and discuss their case with them the fertility expert review the medical report properly and found that both of them are dealing with the cause of infertility due to which they are not able to conceive naturally and the fertility expert told them the different fertility treatment for both men and women and this entire IVF Treatment Delhi costs the couple around USD 18,000 including all other expenses and that couple had twins baby. The couple was very happy and also said that they will recommend the IVF Clinic in Delhi to all their near and dear ones who all are struggling from a long period of time to see their own baby but due to the expensive cost of the IVF treatment in their own countries it’s difficult for many couples to afford it, however, Delhi is a place where they can have their IVF treatment and that too at very reasonable cost.

The embryologist of the IVF Clinic in Delhi are the assets who know how many embryos need to transfer and at what time they need to be transferred into the women uterus so that the risk of multiple pregnancies can reduce and the chances of the successful pregnancies increases.

The IVF Clinic in Delhi is the clinic where happiness born in every second and this clinic is delivering the highest success rate from last 15 years using the latest and advanced technologies in the field of fertility management. This is the reason that every year number of the patient from other developed countries are increasing rapidly in Delhi because here they get the highest success rates of taking the baby home by paying the cost which is less than what they pay in their own countries.

This is a great matter of pride for IVF Clinic in Delhi that not only cost attracting the people but their success rates are also the major factor.

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Surrogacy in Nepal – Surrogacy for Singles, Gays and Couples

  1. Surrogacy Clinic Nepal offer surrogacy as well as IVF facilities to intended parents.
  2. The ground-breaking step of offering Surrogacy in Nepal is a boon for singles females, single men as well as for gay couples as they are allowed to get surrogacy services in other countries.
  3. Legal framework for surrogacy in Nepal is not as strict as it is in other parts of the world like India and UK and US and because of this very reason a number of foreign clients consider surrogacy in Nepal.
  4. You do not need a visa to come to Nepal. Nepal offers Visa on Arrival facility for most of the countries.
  5. IVF clinics in Nepal are made by using state of art technology so that surrogate mother’s as well as intended parents coming out there can have the satisfaction in terms of services provided to them while they avail surrogacy facilities.
  6. The most advantageous part of getting surrogacy services in Nepal is that, patients are given services from renowned medical practitioners. It elevates success percentage.
  7. Adequate facilities in every room helps service personal offer the best in terms of pre and post operative services there at Surrogacy Clinic Nepal.
  8. Surrogacy and IVF techniques have recently been added to the amplified range of services offered by GIH and thus the hospital continues to be the one prominent offering every sort of treatment
  9. For surrogacy purposes, the clinics choose surrogate mother only if they clear the standards made by the hospital itself.
  10. The rehabilitation of surrogate at surrogacy homes is given intense importance as the hospital rooms are equipped with all the required entertainment and treatment facilities
  11. There are no major legal complications to get indulged into and thus both the parties i.e. intended parents as well as surrogates do not need to get into any complicated legalities.
  12. Intended parents coming to Nepal for surrogacy have the opportunity to choose their egg donor [Nepali / Indian] as per their requirement.
  13. The cost of surrogacy is Nepal is much lesser than developed countries.
  14. The cost of surrogacy in Nepal is approximately $40,000 including the expenses of medicines and the payment of surrogate mother.

Surrogacy for Couples

IVF takes in its Role Vital to help Intended Parent enliven Their Parenthood

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. At GestationalSurroagcyIndia, IVFivf process step by step is known a major treatment for infertility. IVF may be used to conquer female infertility where it occurs because of problems with the Fallopian tubes, making fertilization in vivo difficult.

In addition, it can aid in male infertility, in those cases where there is a fault in sperm quality; in such cases intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be used, where a sperm cell is injected directly into the egg cell. This comes in vision when sperm have intricacy to going in the egg, and in these cases the partner’s or a donor’s sperm may be used.

Steps to IVF Process

  • Observe and stimulate the development of healthy egg(s) in the ovaries.
  • Collect the eggs.
  • Safe the sperm.
  • Unite the eggs and sperm together in the laboratory and give the proper environment for fertilization and early embryo growth.
  • Move embryos into the uterus.

IVF with Sperm Donor
In vitro fertilization with donor sperm is considered when there is a male factor developing from absent or notably unusual sperm. So, couples use donor sperm when the husband has no sperm or a very poor semen analysis. Single women who want a biological child also use donor sperm.

IVF with Egg Donor
GestationalSurrogacyIndia has its services in IVF with Donor Egg. Our team is capable at managing care for the patients who live locally, and out-of-state. The donor egg program at GestationalSurrogacyIndia has been among the most comprehensive and successful in the nation. The ability to offer both fresh and frozen donor egg cycles signifies that our patients have more options, more control and can start treatment more quickly.

Gestational Surrogacy Legal Issues in India

Surrogacy in India has its position all when another woman bears and gives birth to a baby for the intended parent(s) who are unable to conceive or carry a child themselves. There are two types of surrogacy give below:

  1. Gestational Surrogacy: This type of surrogacy involves the implantation of an embryo formed using either: the eggs and sperm of the intended parents; or a donated egg fertilized with sperm from the intended father.
  2. Traditional Surrogacy: This comes to involve sperm from the intended father and an egg from the surrogate. Here, fertilization is generally done by artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Why to use the services of a Lawyer?
In the simple cases, many intended parents take care of the legal process themselves, although it can be helpful and assuring to look for some guidance about what exactly you need to execute and what to wait for. In more complex cases, it is essential to search for legal advice since surrogacy law could be hugely complex and the stakes are high.

The surrogacy lawyers help you in an orderly manner to provide precisely the information likely by the relevant agencies. The surrogacy lawyers draft the written, lawful submissions, which go with your application supporting to make sure the quick processing of your application.

Is A Legal Consultation necessary to start the Case?
Sure. The nature of the consultation will rely on whether you wish to follow a surrogacy arrangement within your jurisdiction. A consultation will be essential to draw the laws and procedures and will assist you make a decision whether to hire a firm. A thorough review will let you to comprehend the lawful and realistic implications of your decision to choose for surrogacy abroad. Also, it is best to recognize the steps that are involved in the whole process so that you could efficiently cope with the process.

Why to hire a Surrogacy Lawyer?

  1. Attorney-assistance: An attorney is to handle your case. You will not be passed off to a paralegal after you have hired a surrogacy lawyer.
  2. Availability: If you have any questions, you could call or email and we give surety that we will return your query within 24 hours.
  3. Reasonable fees: The legal fees are very reasonable compared to other law firms. It is important for the clients to feel they got the value for their money.


Surrogate Mother Costs – How to Limit Costs to US 30000

Surrogate Mother Cost India

Globally, there are many people that are seen selecting to India as a destination for the best surrogacy.  Though there are many reasons to know surrogacy in India makes the country one-stop destination, but there are given a few of them significantly as:

  • Surrogacy Treatment is inexpensive in the country
  • Availability to the best of IVF doctors and experts
  • Easy to get wide database of Surrogate Mother in India
  • Legal aspect of Surrogacy in favor of surrogacy treatment

In addition, it is seen that the payment for a surrogate mother in the United States ranges between US$25,000 and $40,000, which seems very costly as compared to India. The fees for of the process- including fertility clinics; lawyers; medical fees; and agencies generally cost more than the fee going to the surrogate.

But India is the leading name in surrogacy owing to the low cost treatment and easy availability of women opting to be surrogate for childless couples. In India, the surrogacy costs about $ 25,000 compared to US where it is over  $100,000.

So rely on Surrogacy in India that comes a step ahead to the surrogacy available in US. From giving fees for surrogate mothers to helping them by fund for their children’s education, surrogacy cost in the country does not become high as other countries show.

Beyond the surrogacy cost factors, the agencies help to cope with the complex medical and lawful aspects involved. In addition, the surrogacy arrangements can be made separately. In the compensated surrogacy, the amount a surrogate gets differs widely, but do does not go high as one becomes compelled to have wrinkles over his/her forehead financially.

So, it is fully intended to come with surrogacy agencies in India economically, and effectively, such as GestationalSurrogacyIndia has its place at its patients’ heart special, in delivering cost-effective surrogacy treatments.