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Gestational surrogacy in Delhi- A very new beginning towards better life

Gestational surrogacy in Delhi- A very new beginning towards a better life:

Gestational surrogacy in Delhi– gestational surrogacy proved a blessing for the patients, who have long been suffering from burdensome infertility and endeavor almost- all possible way to exterminate infertility. But unfortunately, no favorable results are accomplished. As a matter of fact; they have killed all their hope that ever in their life to relish the feeling of parenthood.

Surrogacy centre in Delhi- gestational surrogacy India

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Before marching ahead with surrogacy let’s first understand broadly what surrogacy means to is:

Surrogacy– surrogacy is a method or arrangement by which a woman is ready to carry a pregnancy for other person and become a newborn child parent. Intended parents may look for a surrogacy when sexual intercourse and medical treatment fail over and over. An essential part of this treatment is, it does not carry any danger to the health.

There are two types of treatment widely used all over the world:

Traditional surrogacy: – traditional surrogacy which was used in earlier decades, a process involves artificial insemination of a surrogate. However: In traditional surrogacy, the father sperm is used in the insemination. The big disadvantage of traditional surrogacy is the result that infant either is born with the resemblance of a surrogate mother or the sperm donor. And in most cases, the child‘s face is likely to meet the face of a surrogate woman. So that is why most people do not prefer to opt this traditional surrogacy.

Gestation surrogacy: – gestation surrogacy is most essential and useful nowadays. Due to its enormous advantages that each and every parent would always like to have .the treatment is taking place when an embryo is being created by in vitro fertilization (IVF).  A technology is used on surrogacy centre in Delhi to implant in a surrogate. It is also called gestational carrier, gestation surrogacy has scores of form but all its form have a resemblance with intended parents. And genetically unrelated to a surrogate mother. The embryo is created either by father sperms or mother egg as a result when a child is born their appearance is quite similar to parents. It is very true to say that: surrogacy centre in Delhi has done outstanding work in the treatment of infertility by using in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Surrogacy centre in Delhi: – has taken initiate, by opting highly advanced technology to eradicate infertility from across the world and able to achieve a highly successful result. Due to its favorable result, more and more people are coming forward to opt, for this progressive technology to cure the treatment. Surrogacy is one of the best ways to build a family. As a result, there are millions of people have made their treatment and happy with their blessed child…..

Surrogacy centre in Delhi has taken initiate, with highly advance tech-no logy to eradicate infertility from across the nation and able to achieve a highly successful result.  Due to its favorable result, more and more people are coming forward to opt the very advanced technology to cure the treatment. Surrogacy is one of the best ways to build a family. There are millions of people have made their treatment and as a result, they all are blessed with a child.

Before marching ahead with surrogacy let’s understand broadly what is surrogacy

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Get your infertility treated by the best IVF Expert in Delhi at reasonable cost

This is the great opportunity for you to get your infertility treated by the best IVF Expert in Delhi and that too at very reasonable IVF Cost in Delhi which is around USD 5,500 including all other expenses whereas you need to pay around USD 20,000 in other well-developed countries for the same treatment and they do not include the other expenses in your IVF cost.



Ivf Expert in Delhi


The reason behind that the IVF Expert in Delhi offers the low- IVF Cost in Delhi is to allow each individual will enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and the cost of the treatment will never stop them. In case you are the one you had tried other assisted methods but all failed to give you the desired results then it’s a time to meet the IVF Expert in Delhi who will help you in conceiving your own baby by using their latest and advanced procedure in the field of fertility management. The IVF Expert in Delhi is the professional who will examine you properly and also review your medical history before they proceed and after the proper examination, they will suggest that which IVF treatment will give you the desired results.

They also review your medical reports that only IVF alone is able to give you the successful results or you need the advanced diagnosed with the advanced procedure such as IVF with PGD or IVF with FET accordingly they suggest you the treatment and will also explain you the IVF Cost in Delhi for the procedures.

What does the estimated IVF Cost in Delhi?

The basis estimated IVF Cost in Delhi is around USD 5,500 including all other expenses and if you wish to have advanced procedures of IVF treatment than the IVF Cost in Delhi for IVF with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) is around USD 7,000 including all your pre-existing expenses or you wish to go with IVF with PGD than your IVF Cost in Delhi is around USD 10,000 including your pre-existing expenses. However, if you compared the cost of IVF in Delhi with any other developed countries than you will find a huge difference in costs because Delhi is a place where fertility experts are not making the profit out of the couple’s pocket who already struggling from the financial crisis. They offer them the reasonable IVF treatment so that they will also find a reason to smile and enjoy their life.

Success Rate of IVF Expert in Delhi

The success rates of the IVF Expert in Delhi for taking the baby home is around 70 to 80% of the women under the age of 35 years and 40 to 50% of the women over the age of 40 years which is again quite high as compared to the success rates of the other developed countries and this is the reason that people from other developed countries love to visit Delhi for their IVF because here they just not enjoy the low- IVF Cost in Delhi but also have the chances of successful pregnancies.

Vision of the IVF Expert in Delhi

The aim of the IVF Expert in Delhi to offer the stress-free fertility treatment to all infertile couples with proper medical and personal care so that they will concentrate on their treatment and achieve their dream of success.

Mission of the IVF Expert in Delhi

The mission of the IVF Expert in Delhi to offer the best environment during the treatment which fosters them and they leave from the clinic with happiness in their heart and baby on their lap.

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Surrogacy Centre in Delhi – A clinic of blessings for infertile couples

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is one of the best and leading centers in Delhi which offers the surrogacy treatment to all those couples who are unable to conceive naturally because of infertility issues. The Key features of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi are the services which are provided by the highly qualified and experienced professionals such as high success rates, state of the art facilities, cost-effective treatment, healthy surrogate mothers and egg donors etc. These are the factors which attract many international and national patients to visit the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi to make their dream come true which is their own baby.



Surrogacy Centre in Delhi


Surrogacy Centre in Delhi offer the best surrogates and egg donors who are properly examined for their infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis and also undergone for the medical and psychological screening before they join the surrogacy procedure. All the surrogates are closely monitored by the fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi and also this clinic offers all the assistance to the surrogate mothers which they required prior and during the pregnancy to ensure the high the success rate. The fertility experts of this clinic also provide the best counselors who will properly coordinate with the surrogate mothers round the clock whenever they need the support. This clinic offers the monthly allowance for the surrogate mother for availing the proper food and medicines for themselves and that will be included in the package which the fertility experts had given to the couples before they start the procedure. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi also provides the team of dedicated staff members to ensure the timely medical check-up for the surrogate mothers so that they will achieve the highest success rate of taking the baby home.

Till date, the live birth success rate of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is around 65 to 75% of the women under age of 35 years and these are the highest success rate if compared with other countries. The main aim of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is to provide the best surrogacy treatment to all the patients across the globe and that too at the reasonable cost so that they can also enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi has the qualified, experienced and committed doctors who give their best to achieve the successful pregnancy in those cases as well where the couple had lost all their hopes.

100 infertile couples register for surrogate pregnancy

Surrogate pregnancy nurtures hope of infertile couples

VietNamNet Bridge – Around 100 infertile couples across Vietnam have registered for surrogate pregnancy at three authorised hospitals in the country after the regulation on surrogacy took effect one week ago, according to Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyen Viet Tien.

Tien said on March 19 that three major medical institutions, including the Central Obstetrics Hospital in Hanoi, Hue Central Hospital in Hue City and Tu Du Hospital in HCM City have been authorized to pilot the surrogate pregnancy.

The ministry will review the results one year later before deciding on the expansion of the service.

Dr. Ho Sy Hung, from the Central Obstetrics Hospital said they have received three applications for the surrogate pregnancy services by three infertile couples since March 15.

“We have been well-prepared to provide the surrogacy service to these couples,” Hung said.

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Dr. Rita Bakshi organizes ICFRS at AIIMS New Delhi

Dr. Rita Bakshi organizes ICFRS at AIIMS

With her incredible attempt at the fertility treatment, Dr. Rita Bakshi is known well to leave nothing to help one treat his/her infertility disorder. On 23rd to 25th May 2014 at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in cooperation with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, AIIMS, New Delhi, India, she through ICRFS means to invite National & International Healthcare Fraternity working in the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) for the upcoming “International conference on Reproduction, fertility and surrogacy”.

Known as a state-of-art conference, ICRFS-2014 gives platform to National / International renowned experts including various Doctors, Lawyers, Counselors, Diagnostic experts, surrogate parents, surrogates, and Surrogate children. As this is believed to make you sure to much of the information, knowledge & skill with the goal of providing cost effective, Safe & affordable Assisted Reproduction Technology Services, this intends well to encourage and show the benefits of quickly changing Concept & practices in the field of Reproduction, Fertility and Surrogacy.

Not only does the conference concentrate on the promotion of Research in the fields of ART, but also this gives confidence to the high standards of research, and the clinical practice in use of most appropriate methods in the modern medical science. Also there are precise discussions over the countries in this conference that have taken different legislative approaches to commercial surrogacy arrangements, which cooperated with a lack of global regulation, forms a number of legal problems.

Also it is discussed in the conference that several countries, including France, Italy, Germany, China and Japan disallow to the surrogacy arrangements, even if no commercial element is present in the agreement. In only a few countries such as India, Russia and a few of American states (notable California and Florida) have consequently become destinations for the couples seeking a child via surrogacy. In total, the attempt from Dr. Rita Bakshi is fully meant to bring up importance of surrogacy benefits. Also, she expects a large number of participants not only from India but also from neighboring countries to encourage meaning of this conference.

Surrogacy in Delhi – How to select Clinic for Affordable Costs

Surrogacy in Delhi India

Before you go with the next step in your journey to be parent, it is worth looking for a good fertility clinic. When it comes to selecting a best surrogacy clinic, do thorough research ahead of the time. One useful resource is a database that you may see through; by the E-help that contains the success rates of fertility centers around the country even across the country too.

So keep in mind that some fertility centers that seemed great of their medical services several years ago may have now equipped with modern medical technologies too. Also, surrogacy in India takes away all other countries availing fertility treatments at the high cost, in manner to compose cost of surrogacy suited to the clients’ pockets, usually.

Access to Affordable Fertility Solutions

Fertility treatments are generally enclosed by insurance. In fact, several companies require insurance facility to offer varying forms of benefits for fertility treatments. So, the entire cost of fertility treatments is covered by the insurance. Though the cost is known to be the number one barrier to treatment for many patients, thousands of people are diagnosed with infertility every year but fewer of them ever see a fertility specialist owing to the lack of personal funds.

Comparison over Prices without Negotiation

Bear in mind that comparing prices is not the only factor to consider. You should never negotiate on safety to save money, nor should you prefer for a fertility clinic that you do not feel comfortable with just because it is cheaper. Obtaining fertility treatment is very confidence just to save a little more money. But you have to be aware of those fertility clinics coming with no success rate at their fertility treatments. Everywhere, it may be seen a huge number of fertility clinics coming high cost to their treatment, but do not become successful in wining over its patients’ heart well, in order to offer reliable and result-oriented medical services.

Surrogacy Process insists Interfile Couples follow it to Lawful Fertility

Surrogacy Process IndiaSurrogacy in India is a step-by-step process that helps you and holds your hand in each step to take you closer to your dream of having a baby of your own. At GestationalSurrogacyIndia, there are the few things to keep in mind are as:

  1. 1st visit:
  • Visa: India suggests visiting India on a medical visa. We can issue you a medical visa invitation letter from our surrogacy clinic- GestationalSurrogacyIndia.
  • Stay Duration: If you decide on an egg donor assisted surrogacy, your stay duration will be 5 – 7 days. In case of self IVF Surrogacy, it will become about 18 – 21 days for complete IVF to do. Otherwise, if you arrange IVF medication in your resident location, then your trip to India will be for about 10 days.
  • Booking flights and hotels: We suggest that you should book your own flights as per your schedule. Also, we have selected a few hotels near the surrogacy clinics with the negotiated rates.
  • Arrival in India: You will have an English speaking Relationship Manager (RM) along with a chauffeur driven car assigned to you during the whole trip. You will meet with the IVF specialist, semen sample collection, contract signatures, egg pick up and embryo transfer etc.
  • Excursions from the City: We can also organize your trip to the selected places to amuse with, such as Taj Mahal in Agra, and a trip to Aamby Valley in Mumbai.
  • Pregnancy Result: After the embryo transfer in the gestational surrogate, you can go back to your country. After 15 days of the embryo transfer, the IVF specialist will do a blood test on the surrogate mother to confirm the result. Then, a copy of the result will be sent to you.
  1. 2nd visit:
  • Stay Duration: The stay duration in India after baby delivery depends on various factors. If the baby’s health is fine after birth and she is ready to go back, then there is only paperwork to complete.
  • Accommodation to stay for longer: This time, your stay will be longer and your family and your new family member will need more space. Before your visit, we will give you a list of some service apartments near the delivery hospital.
  • Arriving for Baby Delivery: After 8-9 months to pregnancy of your surrogate, you will be recommended regularly on the ongoing health of your surrogate mother and the expected date to the delivery of your child.
  • Delivery Hospital: The delivery hospital will be cautiously selected. The delivery of your baby will happen in secondary care or a tertiary care hospital under the care of a reputed Obstetrician and the IVF specialist.
  • Birth Certificate: After delivery of your baby, you will also fill the baby birth form with her name. This form will be sent by hospital to the local municipal corporation to issue you a birth certificate of the baby.
  1. Passport: After the birth certificate is received, an application is filed for citizenship and issue of Passport at the respective Embassy along with necessary documents.
  2. FRRO: After issuance of Passport, an Application is filled with Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) for Exit Visa and then to Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) for exit clearance.
  3. DNA test: International clients cannot use both an egg donor and a sperm donor, or donor embryos with surrogacy, as a genetic link between baby and at least one parent is required by the embassies of most countries to grant citizenship and a passport to the baby. This is a mandatory requirement for citizens of most countries.

At GestationalSurrogacyIndia, we believe to assist for our foreign patients to follow the complete fertility process that cover from Visits to Baby exit from the country lawfully.