Surrogacy Centre in Delhi – A center which gives hope to the childless couples to conceive their own baby

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is one of the best and successful centers in Delhi which offers the best surrogacy treatment to you so that you will be able to achieve your dream of success which is your baby. The fertility experts including the other staff members at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi are very supportive and cooperative who will provide you the pleasant and comfortable stay throughout your journey at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi and they treat their all patients with equality which means no matter from which corner of the world you are you will get the same quality of international treatment at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi.  The aim of the fertility experts Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is to transform you from the couples as parents of your own baby and for this; they can go beyond any limits. The fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi also provide you the moral, emotional and ethical support so that you will be able to concentrate on your treatment to achieve the highest success rate of the pregnancy.
Surrogacy center in Delhi
The fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi offer two types of surrogacy procedure (i) Gestational and (ii) Traditional
(i)    Gestational Surrogacy: Gestational surrogacy is a procedure at Surrogacy Centre in Delhiin which your fertility expert will use your eggs and your husband sperm or use egg or sperm donor to fertilize the eggs. Once the fertilization is completed your skilled embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into the uterus of surrogate mother to establish the successful pregnancy. This is one of the safe procedures of the surrogacy because in this procedure the surrogate will not genetically relate to the newborn.
(ii)    Traditional Surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy is a procedure at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi where your fertility expert will use the eggs of the surrogate mother or egg donor and fertilize them with the sperm of your husband to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs your skilled embryologist will transfer the embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother. This process is the little bit complicated because here the surrogate mother is genetically related to the newborn so you make ensure that your fertility expert at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi will properly examine the surrogate before proceeding the procedure.
Why people prefer the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi?
According to research, it has been found that the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is a center which offers the world-class facilities to all their patients without biasing between poor, payee or needy people and that too at the reasonable cost which no one can imagine. The reason behind offering the reasonable cost is that they believe in the transparency while communicating with their patients and also they wish to see every couple on this planet enjoying their parenthood happily with their own baby. They also offer you the best quality of treatment without compromising on the standard quality of the treatment.


The fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi understand the situation of the couples who were undergoing for the surrogacy procedure because this procedure requires lot of patience and emotional support which the fertility experts including other staff members will provide you throughout your journey at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi and also provide you the best medical and personal care so that you will not feel any stress during your treatment. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is the center which is best known as the center of blessings where happiness born every day.

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi – A clinic of blessings for infertile couples

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is one of the best and leading centers in Delhi which offers the surrogacy treatment to all those couples who are unable to conceive naturally because of infertility issues. The Key features of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi are the services which are provided by the highly qualified and experienced professionals such as high success rates, state of the art facilities, cost-effective treatment, healthy surrogate mothers and egg donors etc. These are the factors which attract many international and national patients to visit the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi to make their dream come true which is their own baby.



Surrogacy Centre in Delhi


Surrogacy Centre in Delhi offer the best surrogates and egg donors who are properly examined for their infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis and also undergone for the medical and psychological screening before they join the surrogacy procedure. All the surrogates are closely monitored by the fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi and also this clinic offers all the assistance to the surrogate mothers which they required prior and during the pregnancy to ensure the high the success rate. The fertility experts of this clinic also provide the best counselors who will properly coordinate with the surrogate mothers round the clock whenever they need the support. This clinic offers the monthly allowance for the surrogate mother for availing the proper food and medicines for themselves and that will be included in the package which the fertility experts had given to the couples before they start the procedure. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi also provides the team of dedicated staff members to ensure the timely medical check-up for the surrogate mothers so that they will achieve the highest success rate of taking the baby home.

Till date, the live birth success rate of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is around 65 to 75% of the women under age of 35 years and these are the highest success rate if compared with other countries. The main aim of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is to provide the best surrogacy treatment to all the patients across the globe and that too at the reasonable cost so that they can also enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi has the qualified, experienced and committed doctors who give their best to achieve the successful pregnancy in those cases as well where the couple had lost all their hopes.

Investing in You: A smart approach to using a surrogate


What can you expect, when your surrogate is expecting?

Prospective parents may be willing to pay any price. But first, examine the sensitive financial questions behind hiring a legal, legitimate surrogate (by legal, we mean not a woman you found online).

What does the process cost? Who gets paid? Can you take out a home equity loan or charge credit cards? (Yes to both). The costs of surrogacy are usually about $120,000, experts advise. But like any lifetime investment, such as college or retirement, you can pay in stages.

Pennsylvania, oddly, is one of the most progressive states on the East Coast for legal surrogacy.

Washington and New York State don’t allow it, and can legally prosecute prospective parents and a surrogate. New Jersey doesn’t criminalize surrogacy, but lawyers say the state views it as “against public policy,” so surrogate contracts won’t hold up in court.

Pennsylvania, by contrast, is a haven. Philadelphia hosts a thriving industry in surrogacy for U.S. and European couples, both heterosexual and same sex, who come here to find a gestational carrier for their bundle of joy.

“Surrogacy is generally not covered by insurance,” says Tiffany Palmer, whose Jerner & Palmer law firm focuses on assisted reproduction law. Palmer strongly advises against “do-it-yourself” surrogacy. She and other lawyers hear horror stories from couples who fork over tens of thousands of dollars to strangers who then disappear with the money.

“Surrogacy can be done ethically and correctly, and is not exploitative if done right,” she says. “We work with women who have separate legal counsel, who are paid appropriately for their service, and who are not financially desperate and doing it of their own free will.”

Ask for a detailed estimate of all agency expenses during the contract. Compare agencies in your area. Understand if the price quoted includes your surrogate and a separate egg donor, along with legal fees, assisted reproduction fees and adoption costs (if required).

In vitro fertilization alone can cost $15,000 to $50,000 a cycle, depending on your area and medical factors. Then you pay your egg donor, which costs about $3,000 in Southern states, versus up to $15,000 in the Northeast, says Nicole Witt, executive director of the Adoption Consultancy in Brandon, Fla.

Philadelphia lawyer TJ Henderson lists expenses and fees , from $25,000 to $35,000 for the surrogate’s fee to a post-birth adoption order for $2,500.

Add-ons: the fertility clinic, surrogate life insurance and health insurance. Inclusive of everything, expect to pay about $105,000, Henderson says.

Egg donors:
Some fertility clinics offer free egg preservation (a.k.a. “freezing your eggs”) for young women who donate eggs three times.

Reproductive Associates of Delaware accepts women age 21 to 30 as anonymous egg donors, who then receive free annual exams up until age 31 plus pay of $8,000.

Another woman is paid as the legitimate surrogate, Henderson says. Her surrogates get $2,875 a month for eight consecutive months, and egg donors $7,000 to $10,000 per cycle.

“It’s fair and reasonable compensation for the pain and suffering,” she says. “And it’s not taxable income. There’s a perception that using a surrogate is only for celebs and wealthy people. Not at all. If it’s planned carefully, anyone can do it. If your agent and attorney establish legal parentage, and it’s not a ridiculous person you met online, you’re protected.”

Know All Details about Surrogacy Contract before Applying Surrogacy in India


Nurturing a child is presumably the best Satisfaction to a couple. The inclination of having a kid in itself is a feeling of fulfillment. However, various couples are there who are not ready to have their kid with the natural procedure and thus these couples have no other way left then going towards surrogacy. Concerning surrogacy India stands first among the count of nations offering surrogacy because of flexible surrogacy laws in India.

These laws are not as inflexible in western countries as they are in different states of India. This gives a simple chance to couples seeking surrogacy services. Surrogacy is lawful in India and is completed under gestational surrogacy contract India. The agreement must be made between the couple and the surrogate. This agreement secures the commissioned couple and additionally the rights of surrogate.

Gestational surrogacy contract India offers special privileges to surrogate mother. The rights of surrogates are secured by the agreement that is made with the consent between both the parties. This agreement is made by a legal adviser having adequate knowledge about surrogacy legal issue in India. This agreement expresses all the condition that may occur between the couple and the surrogate hired. All the clauses about expenses and the custody of the child have already been discussed in the surrogacy laws in India. Thus, parents getting into the surrogacy have to make their clauses clear for prior to getting into the legalities.

Indian laws about surrogacy have changed considerably measure and now suggestions are being offered to make surrogacy legal issues in India more feasible for foreigners in India. Bills are being made for making surrogacy more meaningful to the clients coming from different regions of the globe.

100 infertile couples register for surrogate pregnancy

Surrogate pregnancy nurtures hope of infertile couples

VietNamNet Bridge – Around 100 infertile couples across Vietnam have registered for surrogate pregnancy at three authorised hospitals in the country after the regulation on surrogacy took effect one week ago, according to Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyen Viet Tien.

Tien said on March 19 that three major medical institutions, including the Central Obstetrics Hospital in Hanoi, Hue Central Hospital in Hue City and Tu Du Hospital in HCM City have been authorized to pilot the surrogate pregnancy.

The ministry will review the results one year later before deciding on the expansion of the service.

Dr. Ho Sy Hung, from the Central Obstetrics Hospital said they have received three applications for the surrogate pregnancy services by three infertile couples since March 15.

“We have been well-prepared to provide the surrogacy service to these couples,” Hung said.

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Surrogate Mother Cost India – offering Affordable cost to intended Parents

Surrogate Mother Cost India

Surrogacy in India is practiced under strict rules and regulations even though it has been made legal. The practice is of great help for ladies who wish to support their family financially under surrogate mother cost India scheme. Surrogate mothers are being paid well for their contribution and this helps them raising their financial standards. The practice is available in every renowned hospital in India offering surrogacy services. Indian surrogate mothers are generally being hired as gestational carrier in India as this is the most popular kinds of surrogacy practiced in India under legal framework.

Surrogacy in India is popular because of the following facilities being paid to the clients or parents who come to India for surrogacy services:

  • Affordable surrogacy cost in India: if we compare the rates of surrogacy in India with other parts of the world, the result is in favor of India. India is a country that offers affordable surrogacy services for parents coming from different parts of the world.
  • Reasonable egg donor cost India: the cost for using the eggs that are being donated by the donor to any clinic can be used easily and affordable in India than to looking out for similar option in other countries.

Besides these facilities for we described here, surrogates are also treated well. The first and the foremost thing that has always been considered an important step by medical organizations giving surrogacy facilities is the meetings up of both the parties, i.e. letting the surrogate mother meet with the biological parents. Both parties are given enough time to be comfortable with each other after which surrogacy is started under the rules and regulations made.

Surrogacy Clinic in India Offering World Class facilities for IVF Treatment

New legislation to regulate surrogacy practice

The scope of surrogacy in India has got elevated in past few years with the innovative technologies being launched in different hospices. India is a country that offers treatment facilities to a number of defects and IVF treatment India is one of them. Surrogacy can be adopted in two different types; however, gestational surrogacy is most popular that is easily available in gestational surrogacy clinic in India. Such clinics offer renowned surrogacy services to the patients coming out for the same.

Clinics that are offering gestational surrogacy services have a database of egg donor registered with the clinic as egg donor clinic in India. Egg donors are the people who donate their eggs to be used by patients who are couples or singles having infertility issues. Infertility can become a problem at any age and thus egg donation from other couples can help parents experience parenthood without facing major IVF difficulties. IVF treatment India clinic can easily offer such services to a number of clients coming to them for surrogacy purposes.

One can easily find a list of IVF clinics in New Delhi for starting In Vitro Fertilization at a cost that is easy to afford and bear. Facilities that such clinics offer are successful results of IVF being practiced in these clinics. There are experienced doctors to offer IVF treatment India in these clinics. Coming to India for surrogacy purposes is most affordable if same is compared with the cost of services being offered in western countries. US and UK are in the list of countries that offer renowned surrogacy services but the cost of these treatments is much higher if compared with the rates of Indian subcontinent.