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know here the difference between IVF and ICSI procedure

ICSI and IVF are one and the same thing the major difference between both is only of the procedure through which fertilization occurred.

ICSI is a kind of injection through which eggs are just produced during the period of about 10 to 12 days procedure and after that eggs are separated out of the body of the intended mother and some qualitative eggs are used for further fertilization process.

The technique for getting fewer numbers of qualitative eggs and sperms provided is also assisted as well.

The person who is in need of such techniques:-

  1. Low sperm count
  2. Less motile or abnormally shaped sperm
  • Sperm retrieved from urine or through electroejaculation
  1. Semen with an elevated level of antibodies
  2. Failure of IVF
  3. To test the embryos to prevent passing on a genetic abnormality.


An ultrasound will be recommended by the doctors before the process to be carried on.

Once retrieved eggs are produced so the couple should go under the treatment. After getting a good quality of sperm produced in the semen and then taken for good operative fertilization.

A fine needle must be needed for sperm retrieval and then the collected sperm is then used for frozen.

An ultrasound probe is finally attached with the fine needle and eggs retrieval process is being processed.

While collecting the eggs the patient will be sedated. A gel is been put up at the uterus outer lining. The patient might feel a bit bruised and sore after egg transfer and may have slight bleeding.

Success rate

Success rates of the treatment may somehow differ from patients to patients, as it is basically dependent according to the age of the woman undergoing treatment as perfect age of the woman for this procedure is around 21 to 37 years of age when the body of the woman produced very fine quality of eggs, but it can be approximated that about 25% of patients will have a baby after one attempt at ICSI.

But it may vary from patient to patient but the success rate must be high in IVF as compared to ICSI.

Success rate must be about 20% high in IVF as compared to ICSI.